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The tire Cologne 2020 sponsors again the KVIVIVIS of the BRV

March 10th, 2020 | by Euro Pneus
The tire Cologne 2020 sponsors again the KVIVIVIS of the BRV

THE TIRE COLOGNE sponsors one more edition of the KREATIVPREIS, with which the German Federal Association of Tire Trade and Vulcanized Companies (BRV) awards products and solutions that stand out for their innovation and creativity.

For years, the BRV has awarded its prizes to the German tire sector. The KREATIVPREIS 2020 will be delivered within THE TIRE COLOGNE. With these awards we want to distinguish companies that have provided innovative impulses to the sector and that have distinguished themselves for their good practices.

The second edition of THE TIRE COLOGNE will be held from June 9 to 12, 2020, in Cologne (Germany). About 500 exhibiting companies from 40 countries will participate, including the main tire manufacturers.

As it happened in the first edition of THE TIRE COLOGNE, in the 2020 call this award will be awarded in two categories: KREATIVPREIS Industrie and KREATIVPREIS Handel.

The KREATIVPREIS Industrie, promoted by THE TIRE COLOGNE, is aimed at manufacturers of tires, tires, workshop equipment and tire recycling and retreading.

For their part, KREATIVPREIS Handel, sponsored by the tire manufacturer Continental, can opt for tire dealers, workshops, networks and franchises, as well as service companies and suppliers of the tire trade.

Three categories for each prize
In each of the two categories, three awards will be awarded: Innovation of the Year, which rewards the creative concept with a high level of innovation, that is, the successful introduction of an innovative product or a novel service; Beste Green Idee (the Best Ecological Idea), which rewards creative concepts that, in the fields of economics, ecology and the social, are exemplary for long-term sustainability; and Beste Future Idee, which distinguishes the development of products or services that originate future businesses and generate new demand impulses.

A jury formed by experts from the sector will assess each of these applications.

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