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Chile reaches one thousand electric buses by public transport

March 9th, 2020 | by Noticias de Querétaro
Chile reaches one thousand electric buses by public transport

Santiago.- Chile has new electric buses that will contribute to better air quality and generate less noise, in addition to being considered the country of Latin America and the Caribbean with the largest fleet of vehicles of this type.

Authorities put into operation the bus number one thousand in the country, in Huechuruba, located in the north of the Chilean capital, in addition to inaugurating a new electroterminal, so that region will now have 25 electric transports that will benefit about 170 thousand people.

“When electromobility is preferred, three tons of greenhouse gases are emitted annually. And not only that, these electric buses emit 70 percent less noise, as a result, this is a great contribution to the quality of life of Santiago, ”said Chilean Environment Secretary Javier Naranjo.

He stressed that this is a leap in quality towards a cleaner, more sustainable and efficient transport system and is a commitment from Chile to achieve neutrality in 2050.

“Electromobility not only allows us to reduce air pollution, but it will also help us reduce the high levels of noise that affect our city, which together with the other measures of the decontamination plan is an important advance in environmental management for Santiago, ”he said.

The program of the United Nations Environment Organization (UNEP) indicates that electric mobility is present in several Latin American countries that seek to consolidate a transport with zero polluting emissions, among them besides Chile are Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Uruguay and Argentina.

During a brief ceremony, the Undersecretary of Energy, Francisco Javier López, said they work to generate the necessary conditions for the incorporation of this technology.

“Our focus is on the long haul and public transport fleets, because that is where the benefits of electric mobility can reach more people. During this month we have made important advances, such as the renewal of the agreement with the private sector to promote electromobility, which among its commitments includes the incorporation of 500 electric chargers in the country, ”he said.

According to official data, Chile has so far the largest fleet of electric buses in Latin America and the Caribbean, after earlier this year, another 200 units began to circulate in Santiago.

“To face climate change decisively, electromobility is essential. It is a leap in quality towards a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable transport system, ”said Chilean Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt at the time.

Article courtesy of: Noticias de Querétaro

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