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“In two years we will be able to achieve sales of 100,000 electrified cars in Spain.”

March 7th, 2020 | by Euro Pneus
“In two years we will be able to achieve sales of 100,000 electrified cars in Spain.”

Eduardo Divar, CEO of Kia Motors and exhibitor at Car Mobility Experience

Aitor Peña

What will KIA offer at the Mobility Car Experience in Madrid?

Two fundamental and very special things. The first is our electrified range. We will have an electrified stand, with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models. This year almost our entire range is going to be electrified. We have a lot to offer the client, many opportunities and things to teach. Secondly, we are going to present the new Sorento, a new SUV with American design dyes that we believe will be very well accepted in the Spanish market. The new Sorento is going to have hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology, and that is a definitive step for people who want a large, familiar vehicle with new electrification technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and respect the environment.

What would you say to the public that you plan to visit the Mobility Car Experience?

I would tell you, as an anonymous manufacturer, to come to an event where you will be able to see all the brands, touch and test the cars. As KIA, logically, I would tell them to come to our stand. Not only will they be able to see our entire electrified range and test it; We are going to show you how an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid works. And we are also going to make them such an irresistible price that, together with our seven-year guarantee, they will not be able to refuse.

Is electrification an already mature technology for its massification?

This is a complicated question, because the regulator has forced us, with the average emissions regulation of 95 grams of CO2 that it has imposed this year, to make a translation of the demand. We have to make a translation from gasoline and diesel to electric, when there is no real need in society. But this is something imposed. You have to keep informing the client, creating that need, telling him about the advantages of moving to an electrified car … and this will not take a year. We are going to take time to do it, because we have to do pedagogical and training work, for the dealer network, for the sellers, for the customer … But this is what we have had to live through now. In addition, the regulator has forced us to reach zero emissions by 2040, with total decarbonisation. If we want to reach that goal in 2040, we will have to start now, because otherwise it will not be impossible.

What percentage of electrified cars does KIA have?

We have a great tradition in electrification, because already in 2011 we launched the plug-in hybrid Optima and in 2014 the electric Soul. Last year we ended up with a 17% share of the electrified range and this year, as I told you before, we will be able to electrify virtually the entire KIA range. With which, we will be hovering around 40% of the electrified range, understanding electrified as hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric versions. But the objective of KIA, with the plan that the brand has launched a little less than a month ago, is that by 2025 we can have, I do not tell you all, but practically the entire electric range. And I don’t say electrified anymore, I say electric. Fifteen new electric models. We want to have a 6.6% share in the world market and 25 electrified models, in which fifteen fully electric would enter. In such a way that KIA will be able to become a leader in electrification in 2022 and in 2025 be at the forefront of this market segment.

Do you expect an exponential increase in sales of electrified cars?

I think there will be an increase. I do not know if we are going to be able to comply with what the Government says of five million electric cars in 2030 … today I think not, because that would mean that half a million electric cars would have to be sold from now on, half the market Spanish, and I see it complicated. But there will be a gradual increase in these sales. Logically, the regulatory and brand drive, moving all ranges towards electrification, has to increase this. The forecast, years ago, was to grow little by little and reach 35,000 electric cars in 2024, but I think that forecast is going to be exceeded. We will not reach the half million that is needed to reach the five million, but in two or three years we can have annual sales of 100,000 hybrid, plug-in and electric hybrid cars in Spain.

Excerpt from the interview conducted by MCE with Eduardo Divar, CEO of KIA Motors Iberia

Article courtesy of: Autopneu

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